Awakening The Festival

Awakening The Festival is the UK’s biggest outdoor summer music festival that is designed to cater for the needs and requirements of those with disabilities. Designed to be a fully accessible festival for the wider disabled community it is a ground breaking concept started by the passionate team at Enable Falkirk.

Awakening Festival 2021 is held in Callendar Park, Falkirk on Sunday September 5th and is supported from Vibration Festival which runs the Friday and Saturday that weekend. This benefit will mean Awakening has full stage, audio and lightening festival production across several stages and areas making it the first of its size across the country.

Join us this late summer for a truly unique festival experience !


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Callendar Park | Falkirk

Callendar Park is the jewel in the crown of parks within the Falkirk area, covering over 170 acres and housing the magnificent Callendar House. The Park has a long history dating all the way back to the construction of the Antonine Wall in 142AD. The estate has been gradually developed since the 12th century, eventually coming into public ownership in the mid-1960s.